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Monday, March 22

8:30am EDT

11:55am EDT

54321- Cheese Heads! TBDFULLCindy Klaver Adventure Films TBDFULLKevin VanHarn American Elections: A System of Traditions and Challenges TBDFILLINGJoe Brower Art Therapy with Salted Journaling TBDFULLSarah Marentette ASL Bootcamp TBDLIMITEDJo Dishaw Books, Bookstores, and Creative Writing TBDFULLLorilee Craker Building Inclusion Connections TBDFULLDanielle Roskamp and Missy Meekhof Civilized Discourse in a Divided House TBDLIMITEDPaul Diekema and Arie Knoester Cookies, Cupcakes and Cakes, Oh My! TBDFULLKelli Basher Exploring Careers in Athletics TBDFILLINGCrystal Strickland Family Tree Detectives TBDLIMITEDShannon Jammal-Hollemans Gone Boarding: Skateboard Edition TBDFULLJonathan Quist and Sarah VanderVeen GRPD Police Academy TBDFULLAndrew Snyder Harry Potter TBDLIMITEDAndrea Lautenbach Introduction to Rock Climbing TBDFULLFrank and Lena Abissi Mass Incarceration in the United States TBDFILLINGKathryn Deacon Nerd Appreciation: Avatar, the Last Airbender TBDFULLJill Davis Playing With Fire TBDFILLINGStephanie Boven Puerto Rico: The Island of Enchantment TBDFULLRaquel Rodriguez Segment I Drivers Training (9th Grade) TBDFILLINGOfficial Driving School So You Wanna Slay a Dragon TBDFULLNate Vanderzee The Broadway Experience TBDLIMITEDRick Hardenberg The Great Outdoors TBDFULLRoss Graveling The Hobbit: A Journey ‘There and Back Again’ TBDLIMITEDMark VanderWerf The Oscars TBDFULLAbby Zwart Traditional Tae Kwon Do TBDFULLMark Good What Comes Next? Imagining Heaven and Hell TBDLIMITEDSteve Tuit Winterim Intramurals: Tournament Style TBDFULLHarold Gee World Tour: Grand Rapids Edition TBDFULLJillian Konyndyk and Rona Das YouTube is My Teacher TBDFILLINGJohn Christians Online Course Through Coursera TBDFULLVarious (Coursera)